custom craftee designs

Have an idea? Need a special size? Want to customize a piece for your home or give someone THE. PERFECT. GIFT? Let me help you bring your vision to life with your very own "custom craftee." I will work with you to create that perfect, custom piece for your home, a nursery, your office or help you be the best gift-giver-ever with a custom piece for the happy couple, an expectant mom, your bestie or anyone else that you love.

This is how we do custom:

  • Please reach out to me at and give me an idea of what you are looking for. If you have any pictures of similar ideas, feel free to send those too, as a starting point in your creation. Please indicate an approximate size and a delivery city and state so I can give you a price estimate for your product as well as, shipping costs if applicable. (Please note that at this point it will only be estimate that may change depending on any changes made and your final design choices)
  • Then, in a couple of days I will send you a mock-up of the design with approximately 3 choices to choose from. Hopefully one of those will be your favorite, but if not, I will keep trying until we get it "just right"! 
* a custom design fee of $5 will be charged per set of 3 mock-ups in  addition to the product costs *
  • Once you have found your perfect design and give me the go-ahead I will send you an invoice and, upon receipt of payment, I will get started on bringing your design to life. 
* please allow 1-2 weeks for all custom pieces AFTER payment is received *